Aloe Vera Drinks

Aloe Vera Drinks


Health benefits of Aloe Vera Drinks

Aloe Vera juices help maintain healthy digestion, and can also help regulate blood sugar, reduce inflammation, reduce acne eruptions, as well as many other health benefits, and is a good addition for those who are conscious of an alkaline diet. OKF aloe Vera juice is light, refreshing and can help ease digestive ailments, as well as provide other health benefits.


We work with the best!

Our main supplier for this group of products is the very company that first invented and patented this type of drink 25 years ago – OKF Corporation from Korea, by far the largest producer of aloe vera based drinks in the world.



  1. OKF Aloe Organic

The first and the only Organic certified (EU and USDA) Aloe Vera Drink in the world!

  • Premium+ segment
  • 30% organic aloe content
  • Available in 500ml PET bottles, natural aloe flavor



OKF Farmer’s Aloe Vera

Smartly balanced superior taste and healthy benefits of aloe vera!

  • Best value-for-money segment
  • 20% aloe content (sugar-free version available)
  • Available in 500ml PET bottles, natural aloe flavor, or choice of many fruit flavors


OKF Aloe Vera King

The first and still world’s most selling aloe drink in the world!

  • Premium segment
  • 30% aloe content (of which 22% organically grown aloe)
  • Available in 350ml PET bottles and 250ml glass bottles (HoReCa package)