Hangover Solutions

Hangover Solutions

Hangover Solutions

Health benefits of Hangover Solutions

Hangover solutions belong to the category of functional drinks. They are also known as liver helpers. This type of drink was first invented and patented in Korea 3 decades ago as a mean of prevention of liver diseases for people that consume excess quantity of alcohol. Only after some time the anti-hangover effect of this drink was discovered.

We work with the best!

One of our main suppliers for this group of products is the World famous OKF Corporation Korea, by far the largest producer of aloe vera based drinks and functional drinks in the World.


1-OKF Hangover Drink SOS

3 in 1 type of drink: 1. hangover solution, 2. energy drink and 3. liver helper.

  • Unique  product
  • 2 patents included
  • Available in 250ml ALU cans

Contains Antioxidants, Amino acids, Vitamins, and Superfruits & Botanicals blend.

Smartly balanced superior taste and healthy benefits of aloe vera!

  • Best value-for-money segment
  • 20% aloe content (sugar-free version available)
  • Available in 500ml PET bottles, natural aloe flavor, or choice of many fruit flavors


OKF Aloe Vera King

The first and still world’s most selling aloe drink in the world!

  • Premium segment
  • 30% aloe content (of which 22% organically grown aloe)
  • Available in 350ml PET bottles and 250ml glass bottles (HoReCa package)